Transparency International Italia and Whistleblowing Solutions are available to all public and private organisations for the development of customised platforms, in line with the needs and the objectives of the organisation and always in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Tra le possibili personalizzazioni ci sono:

  • Adaptation of the graphics and layout of the platform (colours, fonts, alignments);
  • Personalization of the reporting questionnaire and support in drafting it;
  • Possibility to set-up multiple questionnaires or different reporting contexts, even multilingual;
  • Possibility of multiple recipients, also associated with different questionnaires;
  • Customization of data retention period;
  • Training session on the use of the platform;
  • Specific assistance to the Anti-Corruption Manager or to other recipients identified in the private sector in case of problems;
  • Possibility to add an oral channel with voice messaging function;
  • If requested, addition of the role of custodian, according to the guidelines by the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority;
  • Support to create personalised posters for internal communication campaigns;
  • For advanced needs, autonomous modification of the questionnaires.

Organisations interested in this proposal can send a request to info@whistleblowing.it.


Minimum 3 years (second year from €2.500/year)

The fee includes all customizations indicated on the page. In the event of further requests, linked to training sessions, on-site work sessions or other possible extraordinary interventions and configurations, a change in the fee could be agreed upon.


Availability of assistance 24×7

Documents to support internal procedures

Specific texts on whistleblowing and the use of the platform to be published on the site

Standard text for internal communications

Export of data and configurations to migrate to autonomous information systems (no lock-in)

Source code publicly available

Other proposals


Free standard version of the platform for all public administrations in Italy compliant with the European and Italian legislation on whistleblowing.


Standard version for public owned companies with a questionnaire compliant with law requirements in both the public and private sectors and possibility to set-up two recipients.


Standard version for private organisations (companies, foundations, universities, etc.). The questionnaire complies with the obligations for the private sector and set-up of two recipients is available.