Public owned companies have a double obligation based on law no. 179/2017: they must set up channels for receiving reports of offences against the integrity of the public administration but, at the same time, they must provide channels for reporting violations of possible risks in relation to the predicate crimes of organisational models pursuant to 231/2001 and the violation of the same model. The receipt and responsibility for ascertaining the different types of reports falls under the sole responsibility of the Anti-Corruption Manager.

The proposal developed for this type of organisation includes a platform with a standard questionnaire prepared by Transparency International Italia and the possibility of configuring two other recipients in addition to the Anti-Corruption Manager to whom the latest can give access depending on the peculiarity of individual reports.

Joining the project under the terms of this proposal offers a standard questionnaire compliant with requirements in both the public and private sectors. Customizations are limited to the upload of the organisation’s logo, the texts on the platform’s homepage and the possible configuration of the minimum data retention policy set to 12 months.

Public owned companies, being equal by law to public administrations, can also choose to adopt the free solution with the standard questionnaire for PA and single recipient available here

The organisation that is interested in adopting this proposal can test the free standard version for public administrations to view the functioning of the platform from the recipient’s side.

It is also possible to view the questionnaire developed specifically for this configuration through the demo.

Organisations interested in joining the project must send a request to info@whistleblowing.it.

€1,000 /YEAR

Minimum 3 years

  • Standard questionnaire compliant with public and private obligations
  • Three recipients
  • Possibility to set-up the data retention period
  • Compliant with legislative decree no. 24/2023


Availability of assistance 24×7

Documents to support internal procedures

Specific texts on whistleblowing and the use of the platform to be published on the site

Standard text for internal communications

Export of data and configurations to migrate to autonomous information systems (no lock-in)

Source code publicly available

Other proposals


Free standard version of the platform for all public administrations in Italy compliant with the European and Italian legislation on whistleblowing.


Standard version for private organisations. The questionnaire is compliant with private sector obligations and three recipients are available.


Bespoke solution for public and private organisations that require customization of the system, of the questionnaire and additional services.