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Transparency International Italia is a non-profit organization part of the global network of Transparency International, the most important anti-corruption NGO worldwide. It was among the first in Italy to deal with whistleblowing, when no one was talking about it yet. Over the years the organization has studied this topic in depth and has collaborated with numerous public and private organisations to spread the culture and practice of whistleblowing in Italy and Europe. It also contributed to the approval of the Italian 2017 law to protect whistleblowers. Since 2014, it has maintained ALAC – Anti-Corruption Alert, a project through which it receives reports of corruption cases from all citizens.

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Whistleblowing Solutions Impresa Sociale S.r.l. is an innovative social enterprise that creates, experiments and disseminates innovative software methodologies and technologies for whistleblowing and anti-corruption. The main technology created is the open source GlobaLeaks software, the foundation of the WhistleblowingIT project and ALAC, which the company supports and coordinates in its international development.

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GlobaLeaks is free and open source software that allows anyone to install and maintain a reporting platform that guarantees the safety and anonymity of whistleblowers. The software is currently used by over 10,000 organizations around the world for different purposes ranging from anti-corruption, corporate compliance, human rights protection and investigative journalism. GlobaLeaks is translated into more than 90 languages to ensure maximum accessibility and the possibility for anyone to report safely.