WhistleblowingPA is the free solution developed for all Italian public administrations which can be adopted by registering on this website. Once registration is completed, the organisation has access to its personal platform which will be made available in the cloud and accessible on the internet at a specific address for each PA.

The platform, based on the GlobaLeaks software, allows the Anti-Corruption Manager to receive reports of offences from all the subjects required by law, even anonymously.

The platform is available with a questionnaire specifically designed by Transparency International Italia for the fight against crimes in the public sector and is designed in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 24/2023.

Joining the project under the terms of this proposal, organisations are offered a standard, non-modifiable questionnaire. Customizations are limited to the upload of the organisation’s logo and the introductory text on the platform’s homepage.


Availability of assistance 24×7

Documents to support internal procedures

Training materials on the use of the platform

Specific texts on whistleblowing and the use of the platform to be published on the site

Standard text for internal communications

Export of data and configurations to migrate to autonomous information systems (no lock-in)

Source code publicly available

Other proposals


Standard version for public owned companies with a questionnaire compliant with law requirements in both the public and private sectors and possibility to set-up two recipients.


Standard version for private organisations (companies, foundations, universities, etc.). The questionnaire complies with the obligations for the private sector and set-up of two recipients is available.


Bespoke solution for public and private organisations that require customization of the system, of the questionnaire and additional services.